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The Time Writer
Recipe intervals: HITT, Tabata, and more. Write with time.
An exceedingly simple, extraordinarily powerful app so you can create your precise timepieces on demand.

Create fantastic interval trainers, HIIT, Tabata, and other cardio workouts, custom exercise companions, timers, clocks, and more -- all in one time-centric app.

Time Writer features tasks which can be used to create 100% *completely customizable* recipes which you can easily put together to meet your needs.

What you make is up to you! We provide the tasks, you provide the app. Just select and arrange the tasks you need, size them and customize them, then start the recipe — Time Writer does the rest. Plus, a report can be built to show your activity, and then shared with others.

All features are included and no limits are placed on what you can do.

- Examples of some recipes you can create to meet your needs would include -

HIIT, Tabata, daily runs, track workouts, intervals, biking routine, stationary exercise equipment enhancers, Granny's tuna salad, counters, ...

Time Writer is a fun way to build a self-tailored workout with an incredible feature set.

“I’ve lost over 30 pounds in four months and set a new half-marathon PR -- using this app every step of the way!”- An avid user

These are just some the tasks included:

• Timer - Time countdown

• Stopwatch - Time elapsed

• Distance - Show distance traveled

• Pace - Show the average pace or speed

• Map - Map of location

• Music Player - Play and control your music (play, skip back, skip forward)

• Counter - Count up/down (even out-loud)

Here are some more, too:

• Altitude - Show the current altitude

• Calories - Show total calories burned (with supported HRMs)

• Clock - Show the current time of day

• Distance Down - Travel a specified distance

• Heart Rate - Show current heart rate (with supported HRMs)

• Hold - Wait for a period of time or a screen tap

• Location - Show current GPS coordinates

• Message - Show a text message

• Music Lister - Show the currently playing song

• Picture - Show an image

• Repeat - Loop back to a previous task

• Sound - Play a simple sound (i.e., Alert)

• Speak - Speak a message (i.e., Talk)

And there are more…

• Write, keep, & adjust your own workouts to your own personal specification. Running, biking, skiing, HIIT, Tabata, ... you name it.

• Write, keep, & adjust your favorite food or drink recipes.

• Write, keep, & adjust your timers and counters; Use them as needed

• Write recipes for things we haven’t even thought of…

Works with iCloud universally across your devices (including your iPad). Can interact with HealthKit. Supports some brands of BLE HRMs.

Please feel free to contact us at support@alumra.ltd with any questions or feedback. As always, we'd love to hear from you!

Write with time.

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