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My Best Self
Track your health & well-being
Be your Best Self!

Know thyself: Track your ideals, moods, thoughts, feelings, events, tasks, actions, and accomplishments -- Be your Best Self!‬

‪Don't we all want to live our best life?

‪Here is a novel fun way to track your life’s events.

From as great as the birth of your first child to as small as the last time you changed your furnace filter.

From as simple as remembering the last time you refilled the fire extinguishers to as amazing as tracking personal dietary goals down to the milligram.

Every action you take can be journaled; every journal entry can include photos.‬

‪And you may leverage the Apple HealthKit data you have along with your Apple exercise activities and keep track of your whole life together as one harmonious self, your Best Self.‬

‪There are so many things you can do with My Best Self. Here are just a few:‬

  • Create activity goals: My Best Self integrates with your chosen iOS Apple activities so that your actions can be automatically entered. Use any activity app you’d prefer, and this app will track the data you want it to. Or log the activity yourself in My Best Self.‬
  • Create health goals: My Best Self integrates with your selected Apple HealthKit data, so you can use your favorite app to get the information and still track it with this app. Or enter the data yourself.‬
  • Track you mood: With journalling.
  • Log events / activities: With just a simple click, My Best Self will remember. ‬
  • Inspiration: Heard (or thought of) something profound today? Add it to your Inspirations tracker.‬
  • Experiences: Read a fantastic book or in the midst of watching a great TV series? Keep track of it and add your thoughts, notes, feelings, current episode, … whatever.‬
  • Plus many other ways to track your life...‬

‪What you track is almost entirely up to you. You’ll quickly find new was to live your best life.‬

Note: This app integrates with the Apple Health app, should you request it to.

‪Some examples of trackers we’ve used:‬

  • ‪Keep weight under 150 lbs‬
  • ‪Workout 3 hours a week‬
  • ‪Water the plants‬
  • ‪Log your daily meals‬
  • ‪Limit sugar consumption to 50 mg daily ‬
  • ‪Small victories‬
  • ‪Lessons to learn‬
  • ‪Quotes that moved me‬
  • ‪Episodes watched‬
  • ‪Books read‬
  • ‪Movie rememberer‬
  • ‪House expenditures ‬
  • ‪Car maintenance ‬
  • ‪Vacation budget‬
  • ‪Climb 12 flights of stairs daily ‬
  • ‪Bike to work once weekly‬
  • ‪Drink 64 oz. of water daily ‬
  • ‪Eat fish twice a week‬
  • ‪Run 15 miles a week‬
  • ‪Swim 3 times a week‬
  • ‪Create one good piece of art per month‬
  • Countless possibilities...
  • It's all up to you...
  • ...‬

‪With My Best Self, you’ll find many new ways you can Be your Best Self.‬

Special thanks to Lauretta Burke, World Resources Institute, for the 2007 photograph utilzed in some screenshots for this app.
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